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About Us

Reinforced with industry experience and echoed with a belief of creating value in the ecosystem, Value Shoppe has been conceptualised by analysing the needs of organising and streamlining one of the biggest unorganised industry of inventory liquidation and contemplated to implement the solutions considering the ground practicalities.

Inventory liquidation is now considered a strategy, rather than the last resort. Considering the same, Value Shoppe has evolved to provide Liquidation Solutions to strategically transform a burden into a valued opportunity.

We connect a diverse and passionate community of sellers, buyers & businesses, fostering mutual growth, thereby ushering in positive socio-economic changes. We envisage to be a reliable company destination for buying/ selling any kind of goods - unsold/ aged/ customer returned/ off shelves/ off fashion/ surplus making it a hassle-free activity.

This is what we do and we strive to be the best at it.

Our fast, easy process is designed to respect your time and solve your challenging problems. We also believe in presenting you a fair and competitive offer for your product. One time or as many transactions as you need us for in the future we’ll be there for you, fast and reliable and with a fair price for your merchandise.

At Value Shoppe, we’ve built our spotless reputation through hard work, honesty, and treating clients like friends. We’re ready to help trading liquidation stock round the clock.

  • 360 degree solution to trade inventory available for liquidation
  • Brand protection & channel conflict management
  • Personalized customer service
  • Can liquidate products in virtually any condition
  • Can liquidate assorted & mixed lots
  • Free warehousing available when appropriate
  • Flexible & fast payout options
  • Free up space & resources and establish an ongoing liquidation channel for your excess inventory
  • Multiple liquidation options available to cater to specific needs
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