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Privacy Policy


While organising this regime of leftover stock, we intended to outline the policy plain & simple. For the ease of understanding & referencing purposes, we have categorised the same under three sections:


It has been utmost thought of to collect only the related relevant information facilitating the provision of services. Registration Information, Account Information, Browsing Information and surfing interests/ query generally relate to business activities and together construed as business data which is undoubtedly, indispensable for users of the Sites and providing the requisite solution based interface. In the event, users do not provide any or sufficient Business Data marked as mandatory, we may not be able to complete the registration process or provide such users with our products or services.


The data collected from the users is predominantly used to verify the identity and managing your registration. Your details/ email is also used to provide alerts, communications, mailers and other marketing materials to you relating to the offerings by us on the Sites from time to time. All other information collected is confidentially stored and will not be disclosed unless needed as per the requirement of the law authorities or in case of any disputes.


The most important aspect perceived under privacy is sharing of the information. We do not sell, lend, or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone for any reason. This includes your contact information, as well as specific order information. The requisite information either partially or fully has to be passed on to the courier companies, credit card processing companies, vendors, etc. to enable them to perform their functions related to your service/ product request. Apart from this usual business course, data may also be needed to be shared with law authorities, or for the procedural safety concerns of the site, employees, management, and other business affiliates.

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