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We specialize in liquidating your excess stock and converting it into cash. Our speciality is not limited to any particular item but we have specifically designed our model to help everyone. Whether you have surplus goods/ outdated inventory in any category be it electronics, appliances, footwear, general merchandise, health and beauty aids, housewares, impulse, kitchen, licensed goods, and so on, we have the expertise and resources to liquidate it all. But it doesn't stop there! In parallel, this platform acts as a discovery playground for everyone, as it offers the information of the varied things being sold in nearby areas. Moreover, from the catalogue, anyone can buy original branded stock/ surplus garments in wholesale to find a diverse range of options available. Our surplus stock selection ensures that you can find the best deals and expand your product offerings to meet your customer demands.

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Buyer's Guide

Needless to highlight that purchasing/ buying/ producing is the most integral part of the business as it defines the course of action. No wonder, but Value Shoppe is a destination providing information of availability of the stock at the price that may provide unheard growth and margin. We understand that for a retailer/ wholesaler, it is absolutely not possible to identify the real time availability of the relevant stock; and thus, has to depend on few hubs, scattered geographically. Through our integrated platform for business associates, resellers can purchase a large number of mixed lot products direct from the source. Buyers have the option to pick orders up within our distribution centre facilities or have them drop shipped to any location. We always look to expand our network every way possible. Whether you’re a big retail/ wholesale set up, a regional chain, or even a flea marketer looking for an opportunity buy, please register us to be added to our affiliate list. Value Shoppe is a great source of inventory that you can buy at low wholesale prices. Why look elsewhere for a liquidation stock or best price merchandise? You have found the best, and we assure you that we will conduct an honest and reputable business transaction.

Seller's Guide

No need to worry for any kind of unsold/ aged/ offshelf/ discontinued/ surplus stock, rather convert it into fresh extra cash to use where it’s needed most. Get rid of all your excess stock in one/ multiple go. Our liquidation platform will facilitate the broadcast of your information (basis your mandate) and soon will get the interested buyers for your stock. Thereby, allow you to focus managing your business and making money. ValueShoppe has been designed to solve such inventory problems! Liquidate now and turn dead inventory into cash. We have helped inventory holders in turning liabilities into assets and arranged to liquidate goods across various categories and locations. Call us today or fill out the inventory submission form. ValueShoppe will quickly evaluate and broadcast among plethora of prospective buyers who will get back will a competitive offer. We can make the best deals because we pay in cash and always act quickly to make the purchase.